The Isaiah Fountain Case: Outrage and Jim Crow Justice on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

“Isaiah Fountain, a Black resident of Talbot County, Maryland, narrowly avoided being lynched by a local mob after he was charged in April 1919 with raping a 14-year-old White girl named Bertha Simpson. But the hangman’s noose caught up with him 15 months later, the culmination of an appalling miscarriage ofJim Crow justice on Maryland’s Eastern Shore that made him what [the author] calls the ‘second victim’ of the assault on Simpson…. 

“This rigorous account clearly shows that Isaiah Fountain suffered a fate he didn’t deserve.” 


“This is a well-researched, well-written story of a very important – and ultimately tragic – part of America’s past. The story of Isiah Fountain is a must read, particularly for anyone seeking to learn more about America’s difficult past. This century-old story was new to me and I am grateful to Joe Koper for this magnificent book.” 

Paul Brandus, author of five books, including: Under This Roof: The White House and the Presidency and This Day in Presidential History. He is also a White House correspondent and columnist for USA Today and MarketWatch/Dow Jones.

“A well-researched tragic story.”

John R Wennersten, author, Maryland’s Eastern Shore: A Journey in Time and Place, and professor emeritus of environmental history, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore

The Isaiah Fountain Case is a deeply researched expression of journalistic writing set in a strong analytical framework. [The Author] not only gives us the events surrounding this case but the why of their often dubious relationship. . . . it’s an excellent book. It offers an analysis relevant for today. . .”

Harold Wilson, author and host of Delmarva Today on WSDL Radio, Delmarva Public Media.

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