The Adventures of an Accidental Author

I’ve never considered myself an author and even hesitated to put “author” after my name on this page. I’ve never written a book before, much less had a book selected for publication, and had no idea of the process involved. I thought it might be interesting for visitors of this website to read how all this happened for me. After all, I never considered writing a book. However, through a variety of circumstances–including COVID–I ended up with a complete manuscript and actually found a great publisher who is now in the process of preparing the book for publishing later in 2022! Although I don’t claim that my story is at all typical, maybe it will inspire someone else to write their book. Check out the posts for the Adventures of an Accidental Author and learn how I became an author. Check back with me to follow the progress of my book as it wends through the various phases of the publishing process. You can then determine the level of my success by buying and enjoying my book.

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